Photo Phone Stand

Buy 1 photo stand @ ₹ 349/-


Buy Any 2 photo stands @ ₹ 249/- Each


Buy Any 3 or more @ ₹ 199/- Each


Cut Out

Easy Access Charge Port

A Cut-out to simply slide in yourcharge cable

Premium Finish

Premium Glossy Finish

Just like a glass but moredurable than a glass

Easy To Install

Slide to Install

As easy as coupling the basestand with supporting stand

Print Quality

Exceptional Print Quality

True-to-life print quality thatdoesn't fade

Free Shipping

Free Shipping

We ship all over India atno additional cost

Photo Phone Stand specifications

Doubles AsA Convenient Phone Stand.

Our phone stand is designed to double as a convenient phone stand, providing a stable base for your phone while you work, watch videos or make video calls & features a small cutout that provides easy access to the charging port of your phone, making it a convenient and hassle-free accessory.

Photo Phone Stand specifications

Laser CutAcrylic Perfection.

This technology can effortlessly slice through acrylic with remarkable accuracy, creating intricate designs and smooth edges. The intense heat of the laser vaporizes the acrylic, resulting in a clean cut.

Photo Phone stand specifications

Ultra-RichPrint Quality.

Our phone holder offers ultra-rich print quality for a stunning, high-resolution finish that lasts. The photo is printed on the back of the acrylic material, providing a glossy and durable finish. This makes the phone holder a personalized accessory that stands out.