Sipper Bottle

High Quality Aluminium Body

The body of our sipper bottle is made up of a high-quality machined aluminium material, which gives the premium glossiness and feel. The lid is made of "A" grade TPU material with an ergonomic design. which makes holding the bottle effortless.

Easy To Carry

The lid of our sipper bottle is equipped with a metal holder/lock and also a rubber gasket to prevent any leakage from the bottle, which makes the bottle completely leakproof.

Sipper Bottle Lid
Sipper Bottle Designs

30+ Designs To Choose From

Choose from a wide range of design templates that makes your sipper bottle stand out from the crowd. with your name and image on it.


Our Commitment

We stand behind every product we make. If our products fail to live up to your standards, you can return them for a replacement or refund. - No questions asked.