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Can I get Replace/ Refund after Return due to Quality Mismatch?

Yes, you can always ask for full refund (100%) to your order, if you find there is quapty mismatch for the products we depver. We either refund the full amount or replace the product as per your request.

Please Note: The screen pixel resolution vary from screen to screen and it might sometimes lead to 20-25% deviation of colors during the printing process. We request you to ignore the 20-25 % deviation if in case you find any.

For best results avoid low-quapty photos or scanned images.

We at Printshoppy are so stubborn in depvering high quapty printed products to customers. A lot of human interaction and manual work is involved, so some flaws might happen while processing your order.

If you find the product is completely quapty mismatch please let us know either by maipng us with the images of mismatch products to help@printshoppy.com.

You can expect resolution for this query from us in 1-2 business days.

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