Custom Glass Mobile Cases

Does The Print Peel Off?

No, the print on the mobile back cover will never peel off. If the print peels off, you can ask for a refund as per our return policy... Read More

Do I Get Access to All Ports and Buttons?

Yes our mobile cover has access to all standard buttons and ports... Read More

Does the print on the glass removable?

The photo/image which you are uploaded will be embedded directly in 9H toughened glass which will never gets removed or faded... Read More

What is the Return Policy?

Greetings from PRINTSHOPPY.COM PRINTSHOPPY offers a "Hassle-free 30-day return policy!" If you have any issues with the received product, please.. Read More

What Material Used for Mobile Covers?

For All Phone Cases, we use the best toughened polymer material... Read More

Why there are Colors Mismatch with My Order?

While we take all possible measures to keep the colors mismatch very low, however not all colors you see on your monitor can be reproduced in printing.. Read More

What Happen If Low Quality Files Are Uploaded?

If you have uploaded low quality file and placed the order with us. Our order processing team will check the file before processing and if we fe.. Read More
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